About Me

Hello and Welcome to My Universe Around Me

This blog is for all of you girls! Here, I share my thoughts on beauty, DIY, crafts and life. Why?
Most of us are so busy sorting out our life, trying to keep ahead of things, we forget to take time for ourselves. Time to enjoy the beauty around us, discover things we like and relax.
Is that you, too?

When I started this blog back in 2013 I did not have a clue about what my blog should be. It was a random collection of life stories, DIYs, and reviews. Now, I have made sense of it. All my post should be focusing on the happy, beautiful and fun things in life. Every post should give you the opportunity to find that one new thing that makes you enjoy life and the whole world around us a little more. My mission is to help you enjoy your life a little more. If I can help you with a new craft you can try and maybe enjoy, or some hack that will make your life easier, that is my mission accomplished.

So, feel free to browse, and leave your footprint by commenting. I would love to hear your opinions, ideas and feedback.
Why not read my DIY button Heart Post and try it for a start?

If you want to contact me, pop me a mail on anna@myuniversearoundme.com
I am also happy to consider any idea for collaborations. More information about how to work with me can be found on this page.

Anna xx