I created my own customized pallet. Here is what I really think.

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So, I stumbled over a featured post on facebook. This site, called Beautonomy, offered customisable makeup pallets.
I mean, it's not the super innovative new idea. Many brands offer empty pallets to fill them with various eyeshadows and blushes, bronzers and highlighters. But in addition to that, Beautonomy offers to customise the packaging down to the colour name written underneath the pan. So, I decided to create my very own pallet, and here is what I think.

1. The Website

Starting from the home page everything seems straightforward. The Pallets are well advertised on the home page. And you can actually choose to go for a pre-designed pallet or to create your own. There are templates available, which you can fill with the products and put a text of your choice. Some of these are really pretty and definately worth checking out. But for the purpose of getting the full experience, I chose to create my very own pallet.

2. The Creating Process

The first step is choosing which kind of pallet you want. There is a variety of options, face pallets, eyeshadow pallets, mixed pallets of various sizes. I wanted to get as wide a range of products as possible. So, I went for a mixed makeup pallet of four eyeshadows and three face powders.

The second step is to choose the products to go inside your pallet. I started on eyeshadows. The range available includes matt shadows shimmers and glitters. And though you can create nice looks with the available shades, I thought the range could do with some more colours. As I added blush bronzer and highlighter, I felt the same. Though there are some different blushes to choose from, I would like to see more highlighters and bronzers. Also, I thought it would have been nice to add some lip products. Which would have given me the opportunity to create something like a full-face pallet, or a lip pallet.
Also, I wasn't quite sure about how true the pictures were to the real colour of the products. Sometimes I found it hard to identify the colour displayed

After choosing your eyeshadows and so on, you can start designing the packaging for your pallet. There are a number of patterns and colours available you can choose from. But the best feature is the "Upload your picture" function. I didn't use it the first time, but I will definately use it the next time.

The last step is to name your pallet and put some writing on it. Anything will work. I thought about my name but I called it "The Afternoon Tea Time Pallet" and added "Face and Eyeshadow Pallet Light/Medium" because I liked the feeling of making it look professional, in a way. And as I looked at the eyeshadow colours I decided "The Afternoon Tea Time Pallet" would be a fitting name. I realized a bit too late that I could have renamed the colours. Well, next time.
There is a range of fonts and sizes available so plenty of combinations to play around with

Every step is reversible, and I really enjoyed sliding back and forth the steps and fine tune and make changes. Which was pretty simple using the arrows on either side of the slide screen.

The check out process is pretty similar to other websites. You can choose to pay with your credit card or your Paypal. They give the option to open your creation to resell. So If you buy a customized pallet you can tick this box and give your pallet a name and description. It looks like your own little shop.  I think they somehow give you a cut of every sold pallet. But I haven't looked into the details of that, yet.

3. The Finished Pallet

The delivery was very quick. I think the pallet arrived three days after I placed the order. 
Everything was packed very lovingly with tissue paper and ribbon.
The pallet came disassembled with a guide to assemble it.

Assembling the pallet was very easy. The bottom of the pallet is magnetic so the pans are actually exchangeable. In case a pan is empty you can order a new one, that's really handy.
The pallet itself is made of thick cardboard it seems pretty stable. It closes magnetically. There is a mirror, which kind of belongs to the whole pallet experience, doesn't it?
The print is pretty. The only thing that I observed was the colour names around the pans were unaligned one is a bit cut out. Sure, that's not quite ideal but it doesn't bother me too much.
I think it would have also been a good idea to somehow laminate the print to give it some more durability and stain protection because after I used just a couple of times I had some stains in my pallet and I couldn't remove them. Now, it really looks all stained.

Let's look at the most important thing: What are the eyeshadows and blush, highlighter and bronzer like? I think the shadows swatch nicely. They are pigmented and buildable. However, while trying the pallet for some months now, I am starting to be annoyed by the shadows kicking off masses of powder as soon as my brush hits the pan. I experienced fall out on my face with the glitter shade which is really annoying.  However, the staying power of the shadows and face powders is brilliant. My looks kept up all day, the colours stayed bright, they didn't go muddy.
I am really torn in my judgement of quality here.
Are these eyeshadows and face powders the best ones I ever used? No. But, they are not bad either. I am annoyed by the kickoff, but impressed with the pigmentation and staying power.

Is it worth £24?  I would say yes.
I think it very much depends on what you are searching for and which kind of formulas you personally prefer to do your makeup with. My relationship with this palette is ambiguous at times but in the end, I enjoy using it, taking it on holiday and so on. It might be worth to think your colour choices though to make it your very own pallet. 

Overall, I think this alright. There are some issues, which need to be solved. Also, the website itself could do with a wider range of shades eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers and highlighters are available in and products in general. But the idea to have personalised packaging for a personalised eyeshadow and/ or face pallet is nice. I can actually imagine that they make pretty presents for friends.
What do you think? Too gimmicky? Or a brilliant idea?
I am looking forward to your comments below.

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