3 Beauty Brands Deserving More Attention

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When I first came to England, I walked through the aisles of Boots and Superdrug searching for products and brands I knew. And this venture wasn't at all unsuccessful. Most of the global player brands are widely available. Many of them belonging to international brands and corporations. There were a few brands I couldn't find. Their distribution in Germany almost had me believe, they were among those big global corporations or part of them. Only when I did research for this article, I found out that some of them are actually German. So what made me believe, they were not?

Well, some brands names are English. Additionally, products are given English names. All three brands are selling their products in England and in Germany. And one actually is from England. Naming their products in English saves brands money on translation and packaging. One order of bottles and boxes rather than two. And to be honest, English is hipper (?) than German.

So, here we are. Three beauty brands I would like to be more readily available


My first mascara, eyeliner, lipgloss, and lipstick were Essence products. I bought them off the essence shelf because their products were the cheapest available. Being 15 years old, all the other make-up shelves seemed like high-end products to me. And with the pocket money I had, I couldn't afford spending10 Euros on mascara. Years later, I am able to afford brands such as Maybelline. And still, I am always going back to some Essence products. My favorites: the Stay-Natural concealer and the Lash-Princess Mascara.
Essence belongs to the Cosnova family and was launched 2002 in Germany. And when I read this a couple of months ago, it really blew my mind. I always experienced Essence as an international brand, which it is. But, it never came to my mind that everything started in Germany. And all of a sudden I understand, why basically every drugstore in Germany sells Essence products. However, in England, I had to buy them from Amazon and other websites. It was only when Wilko came to Cambridge that I did have a chance to get them instore. 
And after all these years I always go back to the Essence shelf and website. I love browsing their latest special editions and whenever I want to try a new trend or style. My first products for contouring were Essence products. I appreciated the quality and the little price.


Originally, Treaclemoon was on my list of German brands I miss in England. Until I researched. 
Treaclemoon is an English brand founded in 2007. I was a bit puzzled. Treaclemoon is soo big in Germany. But, I couldn't find it anywhere in England. Apparently, Waitrose and Tesco stock Treaclemoon products, but I've never seen any. Fair enough, you can order Treaclemoon products on their own website. But, there are more flavors available on the German market than on the English. And I actually think it deserves more hype. 
All Treaclemoon products are vegan. They weren't tested on animals. You don't get that easily, without paying an entire fortune. And the shower gels and body creams are just brilliant on skincare. They feel great on the skin. They smell lovely. If you are searching for some vegan and animal-friendly body and skincare products, these are the ones to go for. Made in the UK.


My granny bought my first eyeshadow. She bought two pots of Artdeco eyeshadow, which the shop assistant put in an empty beauty box. It was one pot with white and one pot with green eyeshadow.
Since then my color pallet changed a little. But, I always kept refilling my pots.
Beauty boxes are their flagship. They come in many shapes and sizes to be filled with makeup and blushes and eyeshadows and lots more.
They don't  come exactly cheap. The pots (about 0,8 grams of eyeshadow) cost about 6 Euros each. On the other hand, they are good quality, not too crumbly, easily blendable and decently pigmented.
I only found out Artdeco was German when I finally found it on Beautybay.com. Still, their full range is not yet available in England, let alone the special editions. But, I think I will be able to restock my personal beauty box without having to travel to Germany. Yay. Even in Germany, Artdeco is only available in Perfume stores and department stores. But, I can go in a shop. I am still not very fond of ordering my makeup online. So, I really miss the convenience.

I did buy all those products on my last journey to Germany. You can see the English descriptions on the packaging of Essence. Treaclemoon did keep the English names, however, changed the description to German. This is not unusual. Many international brands do that, too. Artdeco numbers their colors. However, the description is in English again. I hope you can see, why I first thought they were more international than they really are.
Did you try one of these brands? What did you think? Are there brands you think deserve more hype?
I would love to know your opinion!

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