3 Airport Travel Hacks to Make Your Journey Smooth

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It's that time of year when everyone travels out of the country. Either to go to a skying resort or to escape the cold, damp, grey weather. I love traveling. I love it so much, that every plane flying over our house fills myself with some kind of Wanderlust. I traveled a lot recently. And I couldn't help but roll my eyes on people arriving at the airport and going through security check unprepared. I find security check quite stressful.  So, I developed some routines to get through it as quickly as possible. And I would love to share them.

3 Airport Travel Hacks to Make Your Journey Smooth

1. Pack your suitcase and bag the right way

Packing is essential. Overpacking can result in expensive fees. 
One of the first things I put in a check-in suitcase is my underwear and my beauty bag. 
It is best to plan your outfits long before packing. Try to create a capsule wardrobe (there are so many inspirations on Pinterest). Most importantly, leave space for souvenir shopping. I always come home with way more than I brought in the first place.

Carry-on luggage. It's getting tricky here. It is even more important to plan your outfits. But, one thing is even more important. DON'T EVER PACK YOUR BEAUTY STUFF IN A CARRY-ON SUITCASE. 
Why? You will need to open it and search for your liquids (You have to put them in 20x20cm clear bags. Each item can't be more than 100ml and the sum of all together mustn't be more than 1l; other restrictions can be found here) You don't want to crease your clothes. And most of all, you don't want people to see your knickers. 

Make sure you have all your liquids in the appropriate sizes in an appropriate bag. Airport security will make you repack everything. And if you missed something, your bag will be checked a second time. In effect, you go through the procedure twice and waste time. If your favorite moisturizer is bigger than 100ml, they will throw it away. There is no chance of getting it bag. So, if you would like to bring your favorite moisturizer with you, buy a travel size. 

3 Airport Travel Hacks to Make Your Journey Smooth Pack your suit case and liquid bags properly

2. Keep It Handy.

Where should you keep your beauty bag? Somewhere easily accessible. Same is true for laptops, tablet pcs and whatever else might be required by airport security. I keep these things in my handbag.
In this way, everything I might need to display at the airport is within quick reach. No need to open your suitcase. No stressing about because you can't find your documents. If anything is and keeps in its designated space in your handbag, you're alright.
If your handbag is not big enough, put it in the frontmost compartment of your suitcase. Anywhere, where you don't need to open too much.
Also, your handbag is more of a confined space. It restricts the number of things you can take with you. But, it makes it easier to search for items, even if things are not in the fold they were meant to be.

3 Airport Travel Hacks to Make Your Journey Smooth Keep it handy

3. Be Prepared

Sometimes it's the best to imagine yourself at the airport. I usually already wear one of my holiday outfits. 
I would always wear sneakers or flat shoes. Any Shoe with a heel (no matter if small or high) will be required to be taken off. I was always reluctant to walk bare feet through security check and wait for my stuff to be x-rayed. 
My clear bag will contain lipsticks and makeup pencils among the more obvious liquids. Some airport securities will be more or less strict on this matter. I would always prepare for the strictest security regulations I know. 
Don't think that everyone will treat you friendly. I had them all. I had a really friendly officer when I forgot to take my tab out of the bag. I also had a really rude officer, when I did not pack a jam in a clear bag, which was part of a tea and biscuit souvenir. I felt like a criminal in that moment.

I understand how these measures of airport security help prevent terrible events and that they are there to make us feel secure. On the other hand, they can be really stressful. And I hope I could help you make it through your next journey smoothly. 

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