3 Everyday German Items You Can't Get in England

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I love shopping for groceries. I love it more than shopping for clothes, makeup, or even shoes. Being a German in England, I never felt to miss something. Many things can be found by just finding the right translation.

It was only until recently when my husband told me he couldn't find one item in neither of the major supermarkets. The only solution would have been Amazon.

But, as I was going back to Germany, I didn't see the need to spend so much money. I would do a German grocery shop. And this is my Haul (well, a holiday haul, if you wish)... You will find two out of the three in some variation of other brands in England as well.

Most of my haul, made with travel restrictions in mind, is sentimental.

Dr. Oetker Original Pudding

This is the product that actually triggered the post. It is not available in any of the major supermarkets and I couldn't even find it in Lidl, which is fair enough.

Back in Germany, I always had at least one sachet at home. I didn't care about it in England. That is until I wanted to bake a pistachio cheesecake for my husband.

He wished for one after watching GBBO one evening. So, I researched and found a recipe. It required pistachio pudding powder. I wasn't surprised when my husband called to tell me he couldn't find any. I told him to get vanilla flavored one.

And he called me again.
And at that point it hit me. There are products, brands, and items I lived with for so many years, I won't get that easily anymore. So, when I went to Germany I bulk bought it.

What is it then? I would say it is a mixture somewhere between custard and jelly. It's got the richness of custard and the firmness of jelly. It makes a fantastic base for deserts and is also very nice on its own.

Tetesept Bath Supplements

There is a wide range of bath supplements in England. It wasn't difficult at all to find shower gels and bath oils that I knew from Germany, most of them belonging to international companies. But when I went through drugstores in Germany, I realized two or three brands, that I haven't seen on any shelf in England. I mean, tell me if I'm wrong.

One of them was Tetesept. Tetesept triggers all sorts of childhood memories in me. Tetesept is mostly known for their medical bath supplements. I remember their cold and flu bath as well and especially their rheumatism bath.

That one especially, because my brother was bright red after playing with it during bath time. It wasn't anything serious, or a rash. The next morning after a little wash everything was alright. It is funny actually, how these little memories we make during childhood connect, or even, disconnect oneself to or from a brand.

It was just recently Tetesept got my attention again when I was sent a little package. I wrote a little post about it, here. At that time, I started to see more of Tetesept than just medicinal bath supplements.

And actually, they have developed a nice range of nicely smelling, aromatherapeutic bath and shower gels and salts. None of them causing any sort of effects like the one my brother experienced, of course ;-)

Nimm 2

Literally: Take two. I just got a selection of the range which includes fruit gums, sucking sweets, and fruit chews in a variety of flavors.

The whole range has the same advertising line in common: “Vitamine und Naschen” (vitamins and eating sweets). Apparently, vitamins are added to any of the products, so they are “healthy”. Of course, the healthiness is rather questionable, but they taste great.

The fruit chews were described as “like Star Bursts”, by my husband. Except that they have a liquid core. Same is true for the sucking sweets. And that liquid core is the best thing ever. I find it truly addictive

Have you seen these products in English shops? (No, I won't accept any website!) Have you ever been to Germany and discovered products you wouldn't get in England? Did you bring something back from your trip and tried it?

I would really love to read your Germany experience!

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