3 Ways to boost your self-confidence for presentations...last minute

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I just recently finished my university courses. I have been there. I went through the stress and anxiety, being absolutely numbed by fear. Granted, not all exam situations call for the same kind of actions. Today I focus on situations, not only exams, which include presenting yourself. Oral exams, job interviews, presentations of all sorts require us to step out of our comfort zone. These situations are difficult because we can't hide among others. They put us on a spot, which usually makes us feel uncomfortable. So, I want to give you a few simple tools to last-minute boost your confidence. They don't substitute preparation. But they can help you to show self-confidence, which is essential for any kind of presentation.

Wear your Sunday best

Blazer Highheels Sundaybest Preparation to boost self-confidence for a presentation oral exam job interview

Looking smart, especially in situations of presentations and oral exams, will make a positive impression on everyone in the room. Wear the clothes you feel most comfortable with, but bear the situation in mind. If you feel best in something sexier, make sure not to wear something too revealing either.  Think of something to wear that doesn't need adjustment all the time. If you are sweaty when nervous, or you didn't have the time to shave, don't go for a tank top. I withheld from wearing button-down shirts. I feared it might gap open, exposing my bra. That's one of the things, you neither need nor want to think about. 

The principle: Strike the balance between smart and comfortable.

Put on your war paint.

MakeUpFoundationBrushesWay to boost selfconfidence in preparation for a school university presentation oral exam job interview

I don't use makeup very often. But when I do, I find it to be a most contemplative task. It takes my mind off the questions, I might not be able to answer. Additionally, it makes me feel pretty. And when I feel pretty, I feel good. As with everything you have to think about what makes you feel good. There are girls who just can't bear the feeling of makeup on their face. If you are one of them, just do something, that makes you feel good. Take a bath, do your hair, whatever. Do something that makes you take your mind off the stress. Take that moment for yourself. Because sure, you can stress about anything, but it won't help you. 

The principle: Take time for yourself 

Listen to Music

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Music influences our emotions. Every film has a soundtrack to underline and transmit the mood of a scene. Violins let our hearts melt when two persons finally kiss. Trumpets trigger our perception of fights and heroism. So, why not use the power of music to boost or confidence. I have to admit, I am really picky about music when I am nervous. Some music would even make me more nervous than I already was. What I really like to listen to when I am nervous is “epic music”. It builds up excitement but always end in a mood of victory. And that is the point. Listen to something that makes you feel successful. 

The principle: Listen to something that makes you feel successful.

Don't forget the inevitable

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I'm sure I am not the first, nor the only one to break it to you. You need to prepare well in advance. Only good preparation will give you that peace of mind of knowing you did all you could. It does not necessarily mean that you will be all chilled an cool. But it means that at least the knowledge you need is in your head. However, you might need it, just before going in, tell yourself that you know.

The principle: Be aware of what you know.

I aimed this article at everyone, who has to present himself. Be it oral exams, presentations or job interviews. Each one of these scenarios is equally stressful. Many people get the jitters speaking in front of persons. So, I hope I was able to give you a little help against stage fright in all its forms. I tried to give you some principles at hand applicable to all kinds of situations. In fact, you wouldn't even need to read the whole post. Even though I hope I could help you a little. Let me know in the comments what you do when you are nervous. 

3 ways to boost self-confidence last minute preparation for school university presentation oral exam job interview

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