Confessions of a Girl with Nothing to Say

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Honestly, I can sit next to a person without saying anything. And I don't mean strangers in the bus. I mean friends. I usually exhaust small talk after five minutes and start smiling and nodding.
It usually comes down to some simple specific reasons

Timing Is All: I Am Not a Morning Person.

So PLEASE, don't try to make conversation to me before I finished my first cuppa. I really like people. I love my family. However, I am just not a sociable person in the morning. I need time to get awake and my systems going. Before my first cuppa is done, every word spoken is just testing my patience. Sorry

There Is a Time to Speak And a Time to Be Silent

Usually, I am the one listening to people. I wait for good opportunities to speak. I wait for my emotions to calm down. Nothing is solved when emotions are getting the better of you. You can find the best solutions when being able to express your feelings and opinions without crying or anger. Also, take time to find encouraging words.

Take your turn

I usually think of every possible thing to talk about, while being silent. So giving me an incentive, some idea of a topic that interests you, is something I appreciate. And how about asking me how my day was?

Chinese Whispers: Why I Don't Gossip (Or, at least try)

Sure. Nobody can say, (s)he never gossiped. Even I have to admit, I did. However, I had to learn my lesson. It always comes back to you. SO, I stopped repeating the stories I heard. I even try to stop judging people by the stories I heard of them. Trying to see the good things in people is hard. Sometimes, I had to dig deep in the gravel to find a gold nugget, a good thing about them. But the positive effects it has on me and my friendships and relationships are well worth it.

There is so much to say about this topic. What do you think? Do you have any experiences? I'd love to read them in the comments. 

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