Recipe: Lime Sorbet

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It is autumn. Leaves are falling. I am finally in England. The other day, I invited some friends over. My husband set his mind on making the dessert. He made a lovely Strawberry and Champagne sorbet (of which, of course, I did not take a picture). He even bought an ice cream maker.
My mother-in-law once mentioned how she liked eating lime sorbet on a holiday. As my in-laws anniversary is coming up, my husband suggested making that sorbet for them. My task for today.

The finished sorbet looks like this 

In addition to the juice, I also used the skin of several limes. I think that using the skin for any citrus fruit based recipe is important. It gives the dish a nice zesty intensive flavor. If you want anything to taste like a lemon, orange or lime use the skin of that fruit!!

One difficulty making this flavor sorbet is, that is getting the amount of sugar right. My mother-in-law remembered the sorbet because it was refreshing. So, it couldn't be too sweet. On the other hand, sweetness dulls during the process of freezing. So, I started on using one part sugar and two parts lime juice. And it came out just right, in my opinion. It was not sweet, but it was not too bitter or sour either. But, flavoring is personal. In the end, it is up to you to sweeten the sorbet to your liking.

The Ingredients: 

I squeezed about eight limes and used the skin of three. Additionally, to get a little top up, I squeezed the juice of one lemon. I did not use water, as it would also have diluted the taste of the limes. Of course, you could buy juices in the supermarket. However, there will always be a difference in taste. Lime juice or lemon juice usually taste more bitter or sour. Believe it or not, lemons do also have a sweet flavoring, which juices usually do not have.

The Recipe

Click here to download the pdf

How do you like this recipe? Have you ever made sorbet? Which flavor? Which flavor would you like to try? I am looking forward to reading your comments! You can download the pdf of this recipe here.


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