TKMaxx Haul: Ultimate Spa Facial Cream and Cleanser

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Here I am with a haul from TKMaxx. I have done this shopping some time ago, but I tested the cream long enough to you get a short product review, too!
Here is what I bought:

Both products contain Dead Sea Salt. At least that's what it says on the package .
In detail:
Moisturizing Cream
 50 ml (sorry couldn't find the original price)

"This gentle and easily-absorbed Moisturizing Cream is enriched with the nourishing minerals of the Dead Sea to add vital moisture and minerals to both normal and dry skin. The result is a more elastic, relaxed skin texture that is soft and smooth to the touch."

My verdict:
My skin absorbs this cream very quickly. After application my skin feels soft. There is no smell to it, so there are no perfumes inside. I find this cream very effective.

I got it for: 6,99€

Facial Cleanser

250ml (again: I couldn't find the original price)

"Facial Cleanser contains an unusually high percentage of Dead Sea minerals to pamper the skin. This unique cleanser is particularly rich in minerals that have long been renowned for their beneficial properties. Only the finest natural organic materials have been added to this advanced formulation. Recommended for daily use."

My verdict:
One just applies this. There is no rinsing required. Nice, if you need to be quick. On the other hand I always have this feeling I need to rinse my face. Not because of the cream, but because of my routine. I use it every other day, when I don't shower. I have the feeling it improves the look of my skin. Though, I still have to make my mind up

I got it for: 3,99€                                                                      

I'm really happy with both the products. Similiar products cost 12,95€and around 9,95€. Makes a  saving of around 47%. Rather good I'd say.  
You might not find this products anymore,... NEVERTHELESS TKMaxx has a body and bath event running at the moment. At my local store you can even find Korean cosmetic!!! So, a look at your local TKMaxx or the website might be worth the effort! You can find products of Spa-Cosmetics here.
I hope you liked my short post! Leave a comment about anything that is on your mind like questions, suggestions, etc. Have a look at my other posts

See you soon

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