DIY: Easy Button Jewellery

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Didn't post a tutorial for a long time. Sorry!! Today, I want to share a quick and easy DIY with you. It is based on the Button Heart Hanger Tutorial. And it takes about 10 to 15 Minutes for a bracelett and 20 to 30 minutes for a whole necklace! And that's even if you hadn't done it before.
Here is what my show piece for this blog looks like:

Of course there is no end to your creativity! I'll add some pictures for your inspiration at the end of the posting. Also you can use old buttons you already have at home, so you don't need to buy expensive new buttons

Here is what you need
cut off a generously long piece

I used the same kind of buttons for this piece but I mixed and matched buttons for other pieces as you'll see later

can also be mixed and matched

-a center button / special bead /etc.
optional but I liked the idea 

                                                                     -crimps, callots, trigger clasp, jump ring
                                                                        In a colour you like.

Step 1
Fold wire in half and secure the crimp

I did thread the crimp on the wire, then I fold the wire in half and secured the crimp with the tongs.

Step 2
Thread the callot on the wire and close it

Step 3
Thread the first bead as well as well as the first button

One wire through one hole. Pictures below show how to fix the button. It is just like in the button heart hanger tutorial. How to properly thread and fix 4-hole buttons is discussed in this posting very detailed.

Step 3
 Thread your special button

Depending on the button or piece you'll have to find some techniques to securely fix it. On the picture you'll see the solution for my button.

 Step 4
 Continue threading beads and buttons as before

Step 5
 Thread the callot and the crimp.
Fix the crimp with a tong 

Step 6 
 Close the callot and cut the wire

I looped some of the wire beneath the callots

Step 7
Add the jump ring and the trigger clasp on each end

Some more inspiration for you

green buttons
green beads
coral butterfly

white buttons; 
blue beads: 
silver butterfly charm 

braceletts without special buttons

I hope you liked my tutorial! Feel free to express any kind of feedback in the comments as well as suggestions! Want to share your creation on instagram? Tag it #myuniversearoundme

Have a lovely summer weekend!!


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