DIY: Pen with a message

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Today I'm sharing a simple, easy to do and inexpensive DIY, which you can use as personalized gift. AND it is really useful! Who on earth doesn't need a pen?

That's what you need:

  • one of those ballpens you can open on one end
  • a strip of paper (width 1.5cm length of the ballpen
  • pen to wite

Step 1

Unscrew  the ballpen and take out the refill.

Step 2

Cut the strip to the length of the pen

Step 3

Write your Message on the strip of paper.

Step 4

Fold the strip around the refill

Step 5

Insert the strip, by gently pushing it into the pen.

Step 6

Put the refill back in the pen and screw the cap back on.

This idea is easy to do, even if you are no crafting genius :-) It takes about 2 minutes to do and should cost less than 2€ for a whole bunch of ballpens. 
I really hope you like my idea. Comments, ideas suggestions of any kind can be left in the comments.
See you soon!

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