DIY: Make your boring note book special

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I thought writing my first post in 2016 about how to pimp a boring notebook. The result could look like this:

What you need:

- a notebook
- paper
-clue, scissors, a brush

I covered the notebook with white copy paper first, then with decopatch paper. If you want to use firmer paper, don't  use any paper over 80mg/sqm, for you will have problems otherwise.

Step 1:

Glue the paper to the notebook.  I put glue on the front cover first and then I covered it with the paper as smoothly as possible. Then I did the same with the spine of the book and then the back cover.
Do the covering step by step, otherwise it will end up in a complete mess.

Step 2:

 Cut the edges

The book should look like this:

If you used coloured paper you're ready, now. As I wanted to use decopatch paper I had to create a basis to make the decopatch paper shine.

Step 3:

Cut the coloured paper. Again, step by step. 
Sorry I, there no picture for this. Here I started at the spine of the book, so I could create a division. If I had one motive, I 'd have started at the front cover as in  Step 1

The book then looked like this:

And then I decoreated it:

I used old unused book pages a ribbon and buttons (of course ;-D)

I hope you liked my little tutorial and my idea. If you have any question, let me know. I also appreciate comments and suggestions. Have fun trying!


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