DIY Jewellerry Box

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Hey all!

I have a continuous problem. I never know how to store my necklaces without them ending up in a big mess. So I thought about a little storage. This is the result:

It is inspired by this tea box of mine:

And this is what you need:

-a card box
-coloured paper
-card board (I cut a package in pieces)
-laminating foil
-cello tape
-a pencil
-a ruler
-a cutter
-a laminator
-loads of glue

The Lid

Step 1:

I wanted the lid  to be kind of a frame. So I marked points, which I set about 2,5cm away from the edge
I then connected the points to a square.

Step 2:

With a sharp knife I cut out the square. I had a ruler made of aluminium to help me to cut along the lines and to be straight.
To fix the cut edges I use cello tape.

Step 3:

The initially opaque laminating foil, put in a laminator, will become a clear sheet, which I will use as the "glass" bit of my frame.
I have one at home. But if you haven't, you can also use clear wrapping paper

Step 4:

I measured the lit, and copied the measures to the foil. 
Then I cut the square out

Step 5:

 I inserted the cut out card board and used it to support the lamination foil, while glueing it to the lit.
Then I fix it with some cello tape.

Step 6:

I marked the back. It will be the latch I'm gluing the box to.
I cut 2 of the corners

Step 7:

Then, I decorated the lit.

The Box

Step 1:

 I measured the box
Then, I copied the measures on cardboard and cut it out
After that I just checked the fit.

Step 2:

I covered the cardboard in white paper, as the cardboard itself isn't too pretty
 Then I cut the corners. Thereby I created flaps, which will be used to glue the cardboard to the box.

Step 3:

Glue the cardboard to the box and let the glue dry properly. I fixed the  cardboard with pegs.
This is basically a crossbar

Step 4:

Here I created more inserts. I copied the measures again on the cardboard. Enentually I considered the crossbar. Then, I cut them out.
 I tested size and position  of the inserts. Traditionally, I put the inserts in this way, to create same size boxes.
But then I got creative, cut out another insert and customized the spaces, according to what I need.

In either case, I found it helpful to mark where inserts will be put.

Step 5:

 Again I covered the inserts. This time I used paper in different colours, just to colour up my colour scheme.
 I cut the corners and glued one of the flaps on the upper edge, which I will see every time I open the box. So, I want to have a clean edging

In the end the insert looks like that.

Step 6:

Glue the inserts to the box. I kept it that way. But if you mind seeing the flaps, there are surely ways to cover them as well. Painting them over, maybe.

Unite Box and Lit:

Glue the lit to the box. I fixed lit with peags again and let it dry properly.

The result:

 As you see on the second picture I cut a frame. I used scrap booking paper, which I liked. I just wanted to cover the glue and cellotape. So it's a little bit prettier.

Hope you liked this tutorial. Feel free to leave suggestions and feed-back in the comments section. Maybe you can share some of your ideas as well :-)


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