DIY Hair Accessory

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Hey all!

Here I am with my promised hair accessory tutorial. I decided to show you something fairly simple and quick. A bow and button  hair bobble.

This is what you need:

-ribbon (I decided for two, you can choose one, but I' wouldn't use more than two)
-a button
-a hair tie
- twine and a needle

Step 1:

Cut the ribbons to the same lenth. The size of the bow will be about half of the length of the ribbon. But be generous in cutting the the ribbon. The smaller the ribbon is, the more difficult it will be to tie it.

Step 2:

If you chose to use two ribbons, lay the ribbon you want to be the first layer on top of the other.
Wether one or two layers, fold the ribbon(s) in the middle and fix the cut ends with a needle. Fold the upper end of the fold down towards the fixed cut ends. You will get two loops. Tie the loops to a bow, as you would tie shoe laces (tie one loop around the other). Then you take out the needle from the cut ends. Tadaaa. You have a bow!






Step 3:

Sew the button to the bow. You can put the needle through all of the knot, or just the upper layer of it. Going through all of the knot, will additionally fix the bow. But it isn't really necessary.

Step 4:

Sew the hair tie to the other side of the bow. Again, you can put the the needle through some of the knot, or just the upper layer. As there is the button already, just fixing the hair tie through the upper layer is easier.

You now have your own individualized hair bobble!

I'm planning on a bigger hair accessory. But gathering everything I need and writing/ shooting the tutorial is more time intensive, than I initially thought it to be. There is something to come, but meanwhile, I will upload some other tutotials as well.

Hope you like it. If you have questions, ideas, suggestions, or any other feedback. I'd love to read it in the comments.

Have a lovely day!


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