DIY Button Heart Hanger

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Hello all!

Dear me. I managed to delete a whole written post :-( I was nearly finished. No backup.
So here I am again.
I hope you enjoy summer as well as I do!  I have to say, it was here, in England, I fell in love with BUTTONS. Now, having a multitude of buttons stored in one of those big CelebrationTM  party-size boxes. And being in the need of a little "Well done" present for a friend, I've been a little creative. And this is the result:

Button Heart Example Craft DIY

You Need:

What you need for a Button Heart Buttons Wire and ribbon

 I used a silverplated wire with a diameter of 0,4mm

 in different colours, sizes and forms. Just, maybe,
 make sure, you don't have a very big next to a
 very small button

- ribbon

Step 1:


Step cut the wire about 60 to 70 cm
 Cut the wire:
 Be generous with the length. Be aware, that even for the smallest one between 60 and 70 cm are needed.

Step 2 Fold wire in the middle

Fold the wire in the middle.




Step 2:


Step 3 thread wire in holes

Thread the buttons
A button with two holes is fairly easy to thread.
Just put the two wires through the two holes.




Step 4 Fix Button by putting the wire through the opposite holes



 Fix it
 By putting the wire through the other hole.
 Which means the right wire goes through the
left hole and the left wire through the right hole.



A Button with 4 holes: 

Thread button with 4 holes

thread button with 4 holes
It's as easy as the other buttons. Just make sure to use the holes diagonal to each other

Fix it by putting the wire through the hole diagonal to which it comes from. Basically, left wire to right hole and right wire to left hole.

When you used all your buttons:


line of buttons
It should look like this. A line up of buttons.




Step 3:

Step 5 Make it a circle

Basically, connect the last button to the first by threading it in the same way as before.

Use the holes already threaded through.

Step 6 Twist the wire

Fix it in the same way as before.

Twist the wire on the back as close to the button as possible, to create kind of a knot.
Step 7 cut the wire 


Cut the ends off.





The circle: 


Finished Circle 







Step 4: 

Step 8 form a heart shape

Knick the circle between the first and the last button, which you connected, and on the opposite end. Do it by guessing or just count the middle.


Step 5:

Step 9 tie the ribbon to one wire

Thread the ribbon through the middle of both wires and between the third and fourth button from the knick.
Bind the ribbon
both knots

Bind it to one wire. Do the same on the other side.

The Result:

finished button heart

I hope you like my idea as well. How does your button heart look like? Did you vary the form? Looking forward to reading your comments! Like to share your creation on Instagram? Tag it #myuniversearoundme


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