DIY: Button Cards

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Hey all!

It took me three quaters of a year to make people around me associate buttons with me. But, I did it! A friend of mine just got inspired to sew buttons on her skirt, because she saw me wearing a button hair piece.
Now, I'm in England. And one thing you  always need here is a card. Cards seem to be like tea. It is appropriate in basically every situation to give a card to somebody, as the English around me seem to have tea all the time. I had never received so many cards, before I came here. And I had never written so many.
Just for a change and a personal touch I made these cards:

You need:


- an aperture card ( doesn't really matter if square, circle or oval window)
- paper
- buttons
- glue
- a pen






Step 1

I copied the size of the card on paper. By laying
the card on the paper and drawing the lines
I did the same with the inner line of the frame. So I had a measurement of how big my image could be.







Step 2

I sketched the image. I wanted to have a balloon
card. But feel free to choose whatever you like :)









Step 3

Put glue on the spots you want to be covered by buttons









Step 4

Cover the image with buttons. I had to put some
additional glue on certain spots. Especially
towards finishing the image. Where I found a spot to be too big I covered it by glueing an additional button over.
Let it dry.






Step 5

Glue the piture on the card, by glueing it to the window frame first. Be careful when glueing the back of the piture to the left side of the card. Make sure the image points to the right direction.








I decided to add a string to my balloon.
But  a little note would have done as well to cover the free space.

As you can see in the opening image you can try many different things. A friend liked the car quiet a lot. There, I used the buttons just for the wheels and they are kind of a highlight.
I hope you like my idea as well. Feel free to share and to comment. See you for the next tutorial, which might be a hair piece.


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