DIY: Button Flower ear phones

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Hey, all!
Actually, I have neither time nor inspiration. BUT my long neglect of my blog calls me to duty. So here we are with a tutorial.

I alwas created my own jewellery. It's one of my oldest hobbies. So I went to hobbycraft as I felt the urge to be creative and there they were: Buttons! I loved the shape. I loved the pastell colours. I needed them!!! I checked on pinterest, what  one could do with buttons and, besides all the other stuff I did,  I stuck with the button flowers. And I put them on my ear phones

That's what you need:

Inevitably: Buttons and Glue :)

For a flower you need 5 buttons of the same size and colour for the petals  1 center button to connect them and another one for decoration. You can leave the last one, but I liked it very much.


Mine are from Primark. The ear-phone is quiet flat. It was the one with the animal rubber something. Because of its shape it is ideal for gluing the finished button flower on it.

Step 1: 
Sort out the buttons and glue them together

It is easier to put the glue on the centre piece and then to put the centre piece on the other buttons. As you see I prepared them already in the rght shape.
You could use superglue. Using a normal all purpose glue has the advantage of not needing to be overly careful not to glue buttons on your hand AND it allows little corrections.
Let it dry.

Step 2
The decorative centre piece

As I said. This is optional. If you like the flower as it is, you can leave it. I liked the second button on top.

Step 3
Glue the flower to the ear phones

Here I used superglue. Press the ear phone gently against the flower and let it try. Now, it is ready!

Hope you liked it. I'd be really happy to hear comments, suggestions and things I could improve.
See you soon!


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