Todays Haul

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Hey all!

Today a haul. The reason: I went shopping for some facial skin care products. Since I'm in England my skin just went crazy. So, I went to John Lewis to get help from the clinique desk.
After today I have the feeling english shop assistants are much more caring for their customers (profit). I enjoyed it. I continued my shopping at KIKO. And thats my haul:

First today, I went to the Clinique counter at my local John Lewis Store. The shop assistant tested which skin type I am, and made some recommendations. So I bought a gift set with the 3 step products she recommended. First of all I'm going to try it, before buying more expensive full size products. That's what I got:

It is a liquid facial soap, a clarifying lotion and a moisturizing lotion. A three step programm to do twice a day. All products are for skin typ 2 (dry combination) Hope it helps.
Then I went to KIKO. And again I met a very lovely shop assistant. I just wanted to buy eye shadow but I ended up having a eye primer, too. And I resisted the offer of a lipstick.
Thats what I got:

The Eye Base Primer is matt. There is also a pearly option but I am no fan of shimmering eyes, for they look oily, very easily.  I also bought this:

I bought a 9 Palette and 4 Eyeshadows to fill it.2 red shades one green one grey. So, I can buy 5 more. I like mix and match systems like this. Artdeco has a similiar system, I also use, but KIKO is a little cheaper. Anyway. Thats how the eyeshadows look like on my skin:

The colours are quite intensive, only the green eye shadow is a little weak. But I am quite happy with the coulours.

I am posting soon. I have planned some DIY posts. Not on cosmetics. On jewellery.
Hope to see you soon!


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