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Today I will present the Love Me Beauty Box. Another system I found, while reading this Elle article online. I will tell you about the system and you will see the unboxing.

It is a subscription box. You can purchase a months, a three months or a six months subscription. I purchased a monthly subscrition, which I quitted after I received my box. I just wanted to try out, and as Im just a few months in England, I am reluctant to have an ongoing subscription.
The system.
With each subscription you receive 6 credits to spend. You can either choose the products in the boutique or you let the stylist choose products for you.
I let's stylist choose the products for me, for two reasons:  1) I like surprises 2) having only a tablet the boutique is not easy to handle. I always had the feeling there are only twelve products at all, but I think this is just a matter of the compatibility to mobiles. In one box you can have 3- 6 products, depending on their size. A sample sized product is worth 1 and a full sized product worth 2 credits. In my box I had 4 products 2 sample and two full sized products.
The thing with the stylist.
 As you create an account, you will have to answer some questions about your beauty preferences and habits. According to your answers you will be matched to one of four stylists, sending newsletters and creating your surprise collection.
Now to my box.
The box it self is a silverish card box. I like card boxes and actually I reused it as a gift box.

As I opened the box I missed the filling paper and the wrapping tissue. All products were packed in a cotton bag. Which is very elegant I think, and it's much less rubbish in the end, because of the missing paper, which I always throw away.

 After having had quite packed boxes before, the selection seemed to be disappointing. But after finding out about the products, I grew content with them as I found out it is quite high quality.

 The goodies
Anatomical: No Old Bags Allowed Eye Gels I am happy Tod try it and to start fighting against my dark circles under my eyes
Murad: Acne and wrinkle reducer I don't have to many problems with acne or wrinkles, but I can try it on that line on my forehead
Lashem: Eyelash and Brow enhancing serum The promise is to thicken and enhance growth of the lashes. Sounds cool. Which girl does not wish for it
Lord&Berry: Smudgeproof waterproof eye liner Farbe 720 Sand A brown shade with some gold shimmer. I think perfect for a discrete everyday make up.

I am really happy with that box! I will reuse the cotton bag, of course. And I am really looking forward to try the products.

Thanks for dropping by! Hope you liked it

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