The Foundation Primer by Laura Mercier

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About two months ago, I wrote about the LiB Glamour Beauty Power List 2014 Box. Today, you get  little review of one of the items, the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer.

I never felt a Primer to be important for my  make up, so I used the opotunity to test one, especially one I wouldn't have bought because it is quite expensive. But having this product gave me the oppotunity to test a high quality product, at least that's what I suppose.

Now what's a primer?
A primer is the foundation for a flawless radiant and good looking make up. It builds up a barrier between skin and make up. By doing that it prevents the make up being absobed by the skin. So the color pigments of the make up stay, where they are supposed to stay.

This primer is a white gel. It becomes colourless when applied to the skin. It does not really smell, so it's quite neutral. It feels like wet, when first applied to the skin. But after a short time it is dry, and actually I don't really recognized it later.

I ususally started with my daily moisturzer and later applied the primer before doing my make up. That may be the wrong way to do it, but I think it is the best way for me.

The Primer did its work during my trial period. Though I never had problems while just using my daily moisturizig creme. But, to be honest, I usually just apply some mascara if I leave the house.
If I am to wear a full make up, on more or less special occassions,  I will use this primer. In this case this primer is a sensible choice, maybe even more if you wear a full make up on a daily routine, or more regular.

I hope I could help you..


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