My little TKMaxx Haul

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Having a TKMaxx close to my place in England made me happy. Given the fact I had one close to my old place in Germany, I hope everyone understands. So one grey Sunday afternoon I went to TKMaxx. I wanted to buy something, but didn't konw what. I just had the want of some beautiful little treat for myself.
That's my little treat

Today, I won't talk about the brushes, though, I find them great.
Today I will talk about the palette. It is a palette from a company called Markwin. I haven't heard of it before. It contains 24 eyeshadows in 4 different main shades, namely green, blue, brown and purple. Additionally there are 4 eyeliner gels in black, brown, blue and purple. And it  contains 2 pairs of false lashes.
The eyeshadows are baked. That means instead of the powder being pressed it is baked in the sun, as to smothen the texture. It makes able to wear each eyeshadow in 2 ways. The first as a natural applicated with a dry brush and the second in a dramatic way, applicated with a slightly humid brush. This is also possible with a pressed powder. Sorry, nothing special in this way.
The eyeshadow does not smudge to soon, actually it lasts a day where it is supposed to stay. I don't like the glitter, it makes the eyes look greasy. But since it stays very well, all the glitter, does not smudge over your face, at least one thing.
The eyeliner gels are okay. They do what they are supposed to do. I think it's just a matter of my practice. So, I will practice using the gels and a brush. But since I heard so many good thing about it. I definately have to try it.

Hope you liked it. It's nice having some time to write now
Happy Holidays!

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