A little surprise

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I had my last day teaching in school before term, when my mum texted me on WhatsApp. I received a parcel. Since that moment, I couldn't wait to fly back to Germany. I was so excited!
I received a box from the german chemnist store Rossmann. They raffle of beauty boxes every month on a limited amount of 5000, plus some more for german Bloggers. I applied for the December Box. I also applied to test the essence ,mountain calling´ Limited Edition. But I received neither.
I received a box looking like this:

And it has been filled with this content:

  • A little card to explain the puropose
    It's a little present. How lovely!
  • A sheet of white paper displaying all the content
  • Neutrogena:Hand creme with Nordic Berry
    I love hand cremes from Neutrogena. They are very effective!
  • Pantene ProV: Hair oil for dry hair
    I don't really have dry or damaged hair. But having a hair oil just as al ittle treatment now and then is always a good idea. Especially in winter. Drying hair with a hair dryier is stressing the hair,..
  • Isana men ( Brand of Rossmann): Roll On for Eyes
    Sorry. Only avaiable in Germany. I gave it to my dad anyway. 
  • Colgate: Total whitening
    Alway good to have. I'm not sure about whitening, but it's worth a try, I think.
  • For your Beauty (Eigenmarke): Gesichtspeeling Pad
    Sorry, again, only avaiable in Germany
  • Weleda men: Aktiv-Duschgel
    I think Weleda is also avaiable in England. But I'm really not sure. I gave it to my brother-
  • essence: lash princess Mascara
    Essence products are avaiable in England. Just find out. (GIYF) I wanted to try this mascara for quiet a while so I'm glad having it in this Box.
  • Rexona: Cotton Deospray
    This is one of the compressed Deos. I usually find them too expensive compared to the uncompressed ones. But well, now I have the opportunity to try out.
  • tetesept: Bathing salt " Time for you"
    Found it on amazon.co.uk Yeah!  I will try it very soon!
  • sebamed: Body-Milk
     Nothing I would have bought. But it's worth a try. You can find sebamed products in the UK. I'm not sure about boots, but there are!

The box is only avaiable to germans. Sorry. But this time there where some nice international brands you can find, too. So I hope you liked it. This is not the box I talked about in an earlier post. The next box will be british. It is a LoveMeBeauty Box. 

Have an enjoyable holiday.


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