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Hi! I am Nana. I am blogging since May, focusing on Beauty. I started when I won my first Beautybox and received a tester box with Herbal Essences products. My simple wish to share my experiences made my start this blog. Probably the 100000000000 of its kind in both, English and German. Now I'm going bilingual making it the 19000 of its kind. Why bilingual? Well, I want of course to continue blogging in german but due to some resons, I would like the challenge to blog also in english. 1) I study english at university, having a TEFL-Course. So I may also have the opportunity to improve. 2 ) Currently, I'm in te UK. Mid Term Break starts tomorrow and I will need some entertainment. 3) I am crazy enough to like what I'm going to do.:-D What can you expect ? First of all I am going to translate older posts, adding some explanations if necessary. After that, every new topic/news/etc. will have a german and an english post. I will see if I'll mark the posts accordingly. So, I hope you will like my blog. Nana

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