Max Factor: Masterpiece Transform Mascara

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When I received my second beauty box, I've been very excited about having another Mascara to try out. Indeed, I do believe in regards to makeup mascara definetly is a must have. So, today I am talking about this mascara

The colour of the mascara is black. But, at least for me the most important part of a mascara is the brush, which looks like this
As you see, the brush is more like a comb. The space between the singele spikes (?) offers plenty of space for the lashes to lay on the brush and to get Volume. Does the Mascara volumize the lashes? Yes, definitely. But the result, in my opinion is not quiet clean, the times I tried it, it left clumps in my lashes, not to big, but as I am wearing glasses (and I am farsighted) not very optimal. The mascara dissatisfied me in this regard. The colour is deep and well covering. All in all, it is a acceptable mascara, but for me it won't belong to my favourites.

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